Country Walk Annual Homeowners Meeting (Summary)-October 29, 2001


Meeting Called to order by Darcy Conrad

Roll Call called by Darcy Conrad

Also in attendance: Matt McQuiston (Kirkpatrick Management Company), Tom Murray (Eads, Murray & Pugh)

Unanimous vote to dismiss minutes of last annual meeting

Tom Murray gave speech to the homeowners

Darcy Conrad introduced the Board Members and explained the budgets being proposed

                Kirkpatrick � no increase

                Mowing � different mowing company due to many complaints about 2001 contractor

Went through both budgets

Question asked about $2,500.00 additional money--Darcy explained that it was due to the attorney fees


Matt McQuiston Collected

Introduced the need for Board Member.  Joe Wittig introduced himself.  Darcy Nominated John Mullen�Nomination was seconded.  John Agreed.  No other Nominations.


Matt McQuiston Collected

Darcy Introduced Tom Murray to talk about the amendment

                He discussed the budget approval

                                75% of the homeowners are required to increase the budget greater than the inflation rate.

                                The simple majority vote would be required to pass the increase in dues

                                Majority of people at the meeting would need to vote YES to pass

                                75% of the people present would be required to pass the change in by-laws

                Question about how the budget�s notice would be delivered

                Question if only the budget approval process would be changed

                Question about if 75% of Homeowners would have to pass an instigation of Lawsuit

1st vs 2nd budget � how does it pass?

                                75% of all owners needed to get $175.00 per Home Budget

                Questions about how we got to $142.50

                                $125 Base Year + CPI amount

Matt McQuiston said there were not 75 total votes for the �Higher� budget

Joe Wittig won the Board of Directors Position

Tom Murray discussed the amendment

Matt McQuiston asked about what was needed to pass the budget

Notice of meeting with the budget would need to be sent out

Why couldn�t the Block-Chairman be re-initiated (Volunteer Basis)

If we vote for the amendment � can we hold another meeting to approve the improved budget-YES�Darcy/Tom

The motion was set to have a second meeting � the motion was seconded

Darcy said he will get something together for the special meeting

Darcy discussed how he got to $175.00 for the budget

John discussed that rip-rap replacement/addition � approx $1,000.00 - $2,000.00

Darcy discussed the mowing quote

Discussion about clean-up days for homeowners to get out and clean up

Question about houses that are vacant.  What about lien on property?

Potential Block Leader Volunteers:          Tony Graham, Miriam Crose, Lori Clark, Robert Miller, Rob Groff

ACC Interest: John Elsbury, Robert Miller

Joe:  Website is possible

Joe Wittig is the new Board Member        22 Joe      17 John

The Budget did not pass                                           28 YES    4  NO

The Amendment passed                                           43 YES    7  NO

Question about who is the ACC

The assignment would give the ACC Powers to the Board

It was thought that it should be 2 separate Boards (the ACC & the Board)

                ACC would be separate

                                Do they want the developer to be the ACC?


No, the Homeowner wanted to separate the ACC and the Board

Do another ACC Survey - ASAP

The question was asked about the remainder of the pending lawsuit

John mentioned the survey and the board has enforced those items


Homeowner mentioned problem with next door neighbor

                Wanted privacy fence � Not allowed

                4 FT picket OK

Matt McQuiston mentioned that the new notice and meeting would be coming out


Motion for Adjournment by Darcy � Was seconded