Country Walk Homeowners Association, Inc.


Special Meeting Minutes-Summary

December 27th, 2001 7:00pm at Brownsburg Public Library.


The meeting was called to order by Joe Wittig.  Sean Wilkinson was the other board member present.  Sean was introduced at this meeting.  He had been appointed by the board upon the resignation of Darcy Conrad after the Annual Meeting.  Greg Creese was unable to attend.


Joe provided a proof of notice of the meeting.  A vote was held to consider the sign-in as the roll call for purposes of establishing a quorum.  There was a motion to accept the annual meeting minutes as written and it passed.


The two items on the agenda were the consideration of an amendment and the consideration of revising the budget previously put in place for the year 2002.  Eighteen attended and nine sent proxies.  The amendment passed 24-3.  This allowed for the addition of Special Meetings for consideration of the annual budget.  The second item was the proposed increase in the annual budget.  It passed 25-2 with a $175 payment due as $87.50 on February 1, 2002 and $87.50 on May 1, 2002.  There will be a $25 late charge if either payment is more than 30 days late.


Those present discussed the fact that we really needed $200 from each house to allow for more mowings, more fertilization and to rely less on interest income and late charges.  It was agreed that the board will encourage those that can to pay extra and thank them publicly for their contribution.


A letter of resignation was read from Greg Creese.  Joe asked those in attendance for any one interested in serving on the board to contact Joe or Sean. (Note:  Matt Serd was later appointed by the board to fill this board position).


Motion for adjournment was seconded.