Country Walk HOA Board welcomes Darcy Conrad

We would like to welcome Darcy Conrad to the Board position. Greg Creese and John Mullen searched for the third member after the last annual meeting (since the position was not filled in the homeowner�s meeting). Darcy�s address and phone number are listed below.

Thank You! Thank You!

We would like to convey special thanks to the homeowners that paid the additional monies with their 2000 dues payment. The optional payment was $160.00 instead of the required $142.50. This additional money was used to pay (partially) for the new mulch and bed definition in the common areas this last spring. The remainder of the monies used to pay for the service was from the Association (this was not included in the reduced 2000 budget). We received many comments from homeowners that this was needed and compliments on how nice it looked (once it was completed). The following homeowners were gracious enough to chip in the extra money to help our community look better:

Lot # Homeowner Lot # Homeowner

3 Reid 10 Mullen

14 Roark 20 Kane

23 Hammerle 24 Farmer

25 Clark 27 Weaver

30 Mitchell 32 Christy

36 Anderson 41 Lucas

47 Blackburn 49 Hadley

52 Serd 65 Hiquet

69 Perkins 75 Conrad

76 Camel 77 Ester-Bode

78 Bien 79 Albertson

84 Smith 88 Bayless

Country Walk Clean-Up: "No Sweat"

Due to low attendance for the clean-up days in 1998 and 1999 and feedback we have received from the people that did show up, we will NOT undergo a clean-up day this year. The weeds in the common areas have been very bad this year and the bushes are overgrown. The unsightly view of the Country Walk sign as well as the rest of the common areas, due to all of the overgrown shrubs and weeds, damages the reputation of the Country Walk community and diminishes our property values since it appears that we do not take care of our common properties. Thus, the Association will pay for at least one weeding/ trimming/clean-up this year. Note: this fee was NOT in the reduced 2000 budget.

Help Brownsburg Blast-Off

Volunteers are needed to plan and build a playground at Williams Park in Brownsburg which will be called BROWNSBURG BLAST-OFF. The playground will be constructed with a different design, but similar to the one found in Danville. The project is paid solely by volunteers and donations. Volunteer positions range from working on fundraising, to construction, to providing food for the construction days. Check it out at

Please Watch Your Children

Please do not allow your children to fish, swim (in the winter: ice-skate or sled) on the ponds, swing on the gazebo, damage Country Walk signs or throw rip-rap in the ponds. These actions are insurance liabilities/costly to the Country Walk HOA.

ACC Information

Please DO NOT add/change any outside long-term/permanent structure or landscape before you submit it and receive approval from the board. This includes swing sets, fences, dog houses, trees, shrubs, storage containers, patios, arbors, pergolas, hot tubs and landscaping mounds. Many things have to be considered when a change/modification is done on a property so that is fair to all Country Walk homeowners. Please do not allow your decision to become a community issue. It is uncomfortable for ALL OF US. Please: go through the proper channels.

Ongoing Issues within Country Walk

Dogs running loose town ordinance requires them to be leashed.

Boats/Campers left in driveways/cul de sacs NO outside storage.

Moveable basketball goals in the sidewalks moveable basketball goals are to be kept OFF of the sidewalks.

Keep an eye on your outdoor lamp post. Please replace any burned out bulbs promptly�thank you!

Cars should not be parked in the streets (especially in the cul de sacs).

Phone List

Matt McQuiston John Mullen

Kirkpatrick 600 Country Walk Dr.

(800) 899-6652 852-9085

Greg Creese Darcy Conrad

16 Cinnamon Ct. 713 Country Walk Dr.

852-9154 858-5264