Country Walk�s 3rd Annual Homeowners� Meeting

The 3rd annual Homeowners� Association meeting was held Oct. 12, 1999 at Eaton Hall in Brownsburg. Seventy homeowners were present in person or by proxy. The majority of the discussions centered on the budget proposal for 2000, the possibility of adding streetlights and possibilities of getting more homeowner votes/participation.

While most homeowners agreed that the lowest possible bids had been found for all HOA expenditures, a vote on the 2000 budget of 53-for and 17-against (plus the 29 homeowners not represented) did NOT meet the 75% approval required by the covenants. Therefore, the 2000 dues will be $142.50 using the consumer price index adjustment. Many homeowners shared their disappointment with the outcome. They suggested an optional payment of the proposed $160 budget to give the association enough money to mulch, redefine, weed, prune and fertilize the common area, as well as provide funds for emergencies and unforeseen costs. Please take a little time to read the attached minutes for more detailed information!

Street Lights & Lamp Posts

First, a reminder to keep an eye on your outdoor lamppost. Please replace any burned out bulbs promptly -- thank you!

Secondly, many of you have been contacted by Todd Shrock concerning the installation of streetlights in our neighborhood. A vote on the streetlights of 51-for and 19-against (plus the 29 homeowners not represented) did NOT meet the 75% approval required by the covenants. Therefore, streetlights will not be placed in Country Walk.

Open Board Position

We are sorry to report that Becky Bayless did not run for another term on the HOA board. With the birth of her second child in November, she had decided not to run again. She will be GREATLY missed. She has done an outstanding job for the past two years. Thank you Becky.

None of the homeowners present at the annual meeting were nominated (by someone else or themselves) for this position. Since the meeting, Greg and John have been trying to fill the position without success. The reason this newsletter is so late is that we wanted to include the new board member�s name. We decided that it was time to go ahead with the newsletter anyway. This would be for a three-year term, with the majority of time commitment coming in the spring/early summer with ACC requests and Sept/Oct with the annual meeting.

Please call Matt McQuiston at Kirkpatrick, John or Greg if you are interested.

Social Events

A suggestion was made at the annual meeting to have more social activities within Country Walk throughout the year. Andrew Bordash has volunteered to be the social event coordinator. We will notify you as soon as possible as events are planned.

Happy Holidays!

Here�s wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season and a safe and successful New Year!

Phone List

John Mullen

Matt McQuiston, 852-9085


(317) 570-4358 Greg Creese


Minutes of the Country Walk Annual Homeowners� Association Meeting

October 12, 1999

Country Walk Homeowners' Association

2000 Budget**



28 weeks @ $210 per week


Spring & Fall only
Bed Mulch/Redefinition


Beds and trees in commons/easements
Bed Weeding/Shrub Pruning


Weed beds 1 time
Pond Maintenance


Treatment plus trash clean-up
Management Fee


Kirkpatrick Management; full services


Common area liability insurance


Copies, postage, etc.
Property/Drain Taxes


Common areas
Accounting/Tax Preparation


Federal & State returns on HOA account
Contingency/Capital Projects


Trees, animal removal, up-front legal, etc.

Total Expenses


2000 Homeowners' Association Fees


99 homes at $142.50 each
* Lawn Maintenance Quotes (Total package incl. mow, fertilize, shrub trim, weed, mulch):
Dygert's Lawn Service ('99 source)

$ 8,425.00

Bill's Lawn Service

$ 9,150.00

Brownsburg Landscape Co.

$ 9,260.00

Green Image

$ 9,642.00

Independent Services & Maint.

$ 9,778.60


$ 15,280.00

* Mowing cost remains unchanged from 1998 and 1999; still $70 per week decrease from 1997.
* Common area landscape bed mulch & weeding costs reflect decreased maintenance
from 1998/99.
* Kirkpatrick will continue serving our community in 2000 with NO increase in fees.
** Homeowners' Fees will be due in a single payment on Feb. 15, 2000.


A $25 late fee will be applied for past-due accounts.