Country Walk Homeowner�s Association, Inc.


The Annual Meeting for Country Walk for 2002 will be held on Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:00pm.  The location will be Room B in Brownsburg Public Library�450 South Jefferson Street.


If you are unable to attend, a proxy vote may be completed and sent with a board member or neighbor.  The attached pages include the proxy and it will also be posted on our website at


2003 Budget:

The annual budget will be discussed.  The board has worked with Kirkpatrick Management to arrive at a proposed budget of $18,488 for 2003.  This would be $185 per lot or an increase of $10.  This amount would be payable by February 1, 2003 or would be subject to a $25 late charge.


We would encourage discussion at the meeting of all budget items.  Several of this year�s expenses will exceed budgeted amounts and had to be taken into consideration for next year.


One major change will be on our mowing company.  A referral from one of our members has led us to a new company for next year.  The cost savings compared to using our current contractor or a third company we received a bid from was significant.  Thanks to the neighbor who referred us on this!



The board has been requested to review several ACC requests this year for new structures or property changes and appreciates those who have followed guidelines.  We have approved the design of several fences and decks and one swimming pool.


As a reminder, the covenants require board approval of structural changes and changes in color schemes.  Everyone who purchases a home in Country Walk agrees to abide by the covenants.  These were designed to protect all homeowners by maintaining a harmonious subdivision throughout. If an owner makes a change without submitting a request, the board has the right to ask the owner to return the structure or color scheme to an acceptable status.



It has been the hope of the board this year to encourage neighbors to try to work out any challenges between each other before coming to the board. 


One way to prevent problems in the future is to get to know your neighbors.  We as a board want to thank many of you who have organized �block parties� and cookouts this past year to spend a little time next to the people you live by. 


Several neighbors also go beyond the call of duty to help take care of people or property near them.  We would encourage you to share a story or two about a good experience you have had with a neighbor at the annual meeting.


Country Walk Board:

Matt Serd (858-0166), Sean Wilkinson (858-1008) and Joe Wittig (858-9211).