Country Walk Homeowners� Association

Community Appearance Survey

We would like YOUR input on the appearance of our community! Whether you built your home here in Country Walk or are a recent new owner, your Homeowners� Association Board would like to know how you feel about keeping or changing the "building guidelines" for our neighborhood. These guidelines are a list of specifics, published originally by Ryland Homes, that clarifies our covenants on things like fence types and other structures (please call a board member, below, if you need a copy).

** Before we go any further, we�d like to offer a 30-second Stopping-Point for our busiest neighbors: If you�d like to simply circle your answers to the following six questions, you can be done � easy as that! The only other step is to drop it in the mail to John Mullen, 600 Country Walk, or bring it by any board member�s house (confidentiality ensured!).

1) Should mini-barns be allowed in Country Walk? Yes No

2) Should attached "lean-to�s" be allowed? Yes No

3) Should chain-link fences be allowed? Yes No

4) Should all lots be allowed 6� privacy fences? Yes No

5) Should above-ground pools be allowed? Yes No

6) Would you allow your name, address, and phone number to be

For those of you still reading this J , attached is a pretty detailed survey of just about every issue brought up over the past couple of years. If there are others we missed, PLEASE go ahead and add them! While many of us chose to live here in Country Walk because of the neighborhood association and those original building guidelines, that doesn�t necessarily mean a majority of this neighborhood feels that they should remain exactly as they were originally written. This survey is intended to find out, in a confidential manner, exactly how this community feels about these issues. It will give you the opportunity to influence the future appearance of our neighborhood, balancing our individual needs and those of our community as a whole, such as openness, quality, and increasing property values.

In closing, there are three other things we�d like to cover: 1) You will find a control number on each page of your survey. This is only to ensure a one-vote-per-lot response and is not tied in any way to the person receiving it. 2) Just like the budget process, at least 75 supporting votes will be required for changes to any part of the current guidelines, and 3) Please complete your survey by Monday, March 15 and either mail it to John Mullen, 600 Country Walk, or bring it by any board members� house. Again, your confidentiality is ensured; your survey will be placed in an envelope and they will all be opened at one time.

Thank you all so very much for taking the time to complete this survey. Hopefully, by obtaining good information on exactly how we all feel about these issues, we can ensure an excellent future for our neighborhood!

Sincerely, Becky Bayless Greg Creese John Mullen

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754 Homestead 16 Cinnamon Ct. 600 Country Walk

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Country Walk Homeowners� Association

Community Appearance Survey

Please take a few moments and provide your input on items that you feel should or should not be approved for construction within our community. Thank you!


q 0� x 0� q 8� x 8� q 10� x 8� q 10� x 12�

q No restrictions on size q Other: _______________

(i.e. No placement in the "far corners" of the back yard in order to reduce visibility from the street)

Lean-to�s (Definition: storage structure attached to side or rear of house)


9a. If YES, please check all that you feel are acceptable:

9b. Please mark a check (or checks) by the fence colors you feel are acceptable:

Mail Boxes

color, size, and style of both box and post


Basketball Goals

if not used for more than 2 weeks at a time? YES NO

3b. Should there be guidelines for basketball goal appearance (i.e. if the goal becomes rusty or is broken,

should there be guidelines for action taken)? YES NO


"far corners" of the back yard in order to reduce visibility from the street)

Decks and Awnings

Hot Tubs

Swimming Pools (Current status: In-ground pools allowed as long as lot size permits; must be fenced.



pay for a fountain in your respective pond without the help of the entire community? YES NO

2a. If YES, based on 10-12 houses around your pond, which fountain would you be willing to help purchase?

if those living around the ponds paid for their installation? YES NO

Street Lights Background information: Some homeowners liked the possibility of obtaining street lights in Country Walk since it is somewhat dark in the neighborhood. We will not know how many lights we would need until the "job" is approved. The city then determines the number and locations of the lights. The city would pay for wooden poles with standard cobra head style luminaries and the installation. The city would also pay for the electricity and maintenance. The community (Country Walk) would have to pay for the expenses for any upgrade to the lights themselves(Acorn or Traditional luminaries).

See below for the figures and cost differences.

comes an out-of-pocket cost to the homeowners (the town pays for the Standard style).

Pictures of the street lights

to having a street light on or near your lot? YES NO




(tear here)

Pictures of the street lights (extra cost for us under them)


Neighborhood Directory

Would you allow your name, address, and phone number to be published in a neighborhood directory?

(Note: paper and printing costs to be donated) YES NO

Phone: _______________________________________