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Note: Although we have made every attempt to make these responses accurate, we reserve the right to be human and make an error.  If you see something that does not appear to fit your understanding, why not email one or more of us and we will address your concern.

Board of Directors:

Changing Your Property:



Board of Directors:

  • What does 'HOA' stand for?

    • 'HOA' stands for 'homeowners' association'.  The Country Walk Homeowners' Association, Inc. is a legal entity that each property owner in Country Walk is a member of when they agree to buy their home.  The association is responsible for the upkeep of the common areas and for the management of the neighborhood.

  • Why is there a homeowners' association board of directors?

    • The board of directors are required by the covenants and the Articles of Incorporation.  It stipulates that there be three elected board members who each serve three year terms.  In the absence of elected board members, others can be appointed to serve the remainder of the open seat's term.

  • Who votes and when do they vote for the board members of the homeowners' association?

    • The annual HOA meeting takes place in October.  All those members present or by proxy are eligible to vote on association business, which includes one open board seat each year.

  • What does it take to change covenants?

    • If at an annual meeting or a special meeting, 75% of the property owners vote in favor of a proposed change to the covenants, the change can be made.

  • Do board members get any compensation for their work?

    • Board members do not receive any compensation for their time--they are volunteers.  If they incur expenses for the association, they may be reimbursed.

Changing Your Property:

  • Am I allowed to repaint my door and trim any color I want?

    • Any property owner may repaint door and trim the same, original color scheme without contacting the board for approval.  Any color scheme change does require board review and approval before work begins.

  • What type of items require review by the board?

    • The board does not need to review items which are not allowed by the covenants.  These include such items as above ground pools (permanent), fences which are other than wood, mini-barns, or piers on the ponds.  Since none of these are allowed--no review is necessary.  If you will be making color scheme changes to your door and trim, landscape changes which involve more than planting of a tree or two, addition of patio or deck, structure changes of any type, concrete of any type--these all require a review by the board.  If you're not sure, please just pick up the phone and call before you start working.  The board has a history of requiring items to be changed if they do not fit the covenants.

  • What does the board do if I change something without prior approval?

    • The board's desire is to work with the homeowners to avoid this from ever happening.  However, the following procedures have been laid out just in case it is necessary. 

      • The board will contact in phone or in person anyone who makes changes without prior approval. 

      • If the work would not have been approved, the board will request that the work be returned to its previous state or an acceptable state. 

      • If the homeowner does not correct the change in a timely fashion, the board will send written notice. 

      • If the homeowner still does not correct the change, the homeowner will receive written notice that the board will be filing suit to correct the covenant violation.

      • Finally, a suit will be filed to seek correction of the violation.  The homeowner will not only incur the cost of the suit and related fees if the court agrees but will also have to pay for the item to be corrected.

  • What if I see a neighbor who is breaking a covenant?

    • The board encourages neighbors to have a relationship so that if a covenant violation occurs, they can talk through the issue.  One of the goals of the board is to protect each property owners' home value.  By upholding community standards, we each play a part in that.

  • If I apply for an ACC review by the board, how long before I will hear back from them?

    • The board has to respond within 30 days of receipt of a review request from a property owner.  If there is no response, the homeowner has received an approval by default.  There are several items in this neighborhood which would not normally have been approved which appear to have been requested properly by the homeowner but the board at the time did not respond in a timely manner.  If this occurs, the board is powerless to require the homeowner to change the property back even if it results in a covenant violation.


    • Does the HOA board arrange for snow removal?

      • The town of Brownsburg is responsible for all street upkeep, which includes snow removal.  We as a community and as property owners are responsible for the sidewalks.  Because of our limited budget, we have not hired anyone to keep any sidewalks clean.  In the winter of 2002-03, the frequent snowfall caused the city to plow the snow over our sidewalks which created problems for those children walking to Brown Elementary.  Although we relied on volunteers to help clear those sidewalks, more help will be needed in the future.

    • Are we allowed to keep boats, RV's, or old cars stored at our property?

      • The covenants clearly forbid the storage of boats, RV's or unused cars in or around any property in this subdivision.  The only exception is if the item is stored in a garage.

    • Are we allowed to park on the street?

      • The board does not control street parking in regards to the regular use of vehicles.  However, the board has often been called in regards to the problem of some vehicles parking on the street where blind spots occur around corners, where large commercial vehicles cannot make it through, or where emergency vehicles cannot  navigate.  The board encourages everyone to use their driveways and garages for vehicle parking as much as possible.  Please be courteous to others when you choose to park on a street. 

    • Can we fish in the ponds?

      • Fishing by homeowners is allowed as long as that homeowner accepts all risks.  Non residents are not allowed to fish.  No fish are to be consumed however as these ponds are treated with chemicals.  The fishing is for recreation only.  Children should always be accompanied by an adult.  The homeowners of lots adjacent to the ponds should expect visitors to be courteous and clean up any trash. 

    • Is boating or skating allowed on the ponds?

      • No boating or skating is ever allowed on the ponds.  The company which treats our ponds is the only boat that should ever be seen on them.  These are retention ponds and are reportedly 30 feet deep.  It is extremely dangerous to boat or skate on them at any time.

    • Do Brownsburg Schools bus students from this subdivision?

      • Elementary students from Country Walk normally attend Brown Elementary.  In the fall of 2002, the city corrected the sidewalk on Tilden and the school designated our subdivision as a walking area for those students because it falls within a one mile walk to the elementary.  Junior High and Senior High students have bus service available at this time.

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