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ACC (Architectural Control Committee)

The ACC was created by the original covenants (see Article 3) of the neighborhood.  The committee originally served the neighborhood as a separate entity from the board.  With the filing of the acceptance of the assignment of these powers to the board, the board can create the committee or hold the ACC powers themselves.  Currently, the board functions as the ACC.    The members are elected by the homeowners and help neighbors to adhere to the covenants.  This consistency helps all of the homeowners maintain home values.

The ACC Guidelines should be referenced by all homeowners before a project begins.  Those listed here are consistent with a community wide survey that was conducted in early 1999 by the board.  You can see the results of the survey here.

Contact a board member or Kirkpatrick for the appropriate form for the project you are planning. The form is also available online.

What is the process if a Homeowner is in Violation of the covenants?

  1. When the board is made aware of a possible covenant violation, we will make an attempt to immediately discuss this with the homeowners involved.

  2. We will then, in most cases, follow up the discussion with a letter from the board of directors stating the infraction and how it should be remedied.  If we were able to make a verbal agreement in point 1, then the letter will summarize that agreement.  Please note that a letter from the board is after the three members of the board vote on each issue.  One board member does not send out these letters and one board member cannot make binding decisions without the consent of the other two on ACC issues.

  3. If after discussion and/or a first letter, the issue is still not resolved, the board will attempt a final time to verbally and/or by another letter get the homeowner to act on their request.

  4. If the homeowner continues to refuse, the board will be forced to seek judgment from a small claims court or other court as appropriate.  This is never the board's desire and we will make every attempt to avoid this situation.

Neighbor vs. Neighbor

Part of the responsibility of having neighbors is being considerate of how they might feel if you make changes to your home.  Any change you make not only should be submitted to the ACC but also should be discussed with your neighbors.  Avoiding future problems can be as easy as talking it over.  Meet your neighbors if you haven't already so that when a question comes up, you have a relationship already with that person.  Meeting someone for the first time under stressful circumstances makes it very hard on everyone involved.

ACC Requests

The following are the most recent ACC requests.  Any comments should be directed to the board.

Date Requested Lot # Type of Request Status
4/15/2002 73 Fence Revised, approved
4/29/2002 6 Deck expansion Approved
5/13/2002 3 Landscape Approved
5/22/2002 37 Screened Porch & Deck Approved
7/8/2002 77 In-ground Pool Approved
9/26/2002 67 Fence; deck Approved
10/8/2002 9 Color change Approved
10/14/2002 43 Color change; landscape Approved
10/25/2002 81 Fence Approved
11/15/2002 53 Fence Approved
2/2/2003 82 Fence Approved
3/13/2003 61 Fence Approved
3/24/2003 68 Fence Approved
4/13/2003 27 Door Revised, approved
6/17/2003 79 Color change Approved
7/8/2003 46 Screened Porch & Deck Approved
7/9/2003 56 Fence Approved

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