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Ryland has a great web page and customer service department.  You can find out more information by visiting there:

Since all homes were built by Ryland, we as neighbors are probably sharing common maintenance issues.  If you would like to share how you have had a problem with your home and how you would suggest resolving it, please email webmaster at this link.  New items add to bottom so check back often!

  • Gas Fireplace--JW-the pilot light in our gas fireplace has stopped working.  Ryland advised Airtron (783-3101) is the company to handle that.
  • Outside Post Lights--JW-After changing numerous lights over the years, here is an idea that has seemed to work--Screw In Fluorescent light bulbs!  They have no filament so are not damaged by the wind, cold or heat.  I bought the GE Soft White 60 Longlife Plus (Mini Spiral).  It is a 15watt bulb but equals the light of a regular 60 watt bulb.  It is rated for 6000 hours.  At an average of 10 hours per night that is over a year and half of usage.  It was very inexpensive.
  • Paint--Sherwin Williams used to be able to match Rylands paint colors but that may not be true anymore.  Here are a few of the Ryland names and their Sherwin Williams matching names from BB on 10/28/2002: 

 Ryland Trim Name                   Sherwin-Williams Color  
      Cameo                                Summer White SW2448
 Ryland Shutter Color Name      Sherwin-Williams Color
      Green                                 Olympic Range SW2385

  • Shingles--BB wrote on 10/28/2002:  Our roofing contractor was Liepke Roofing (485-7096).  I'm guessing this could be a different company depending on year built, etc., but they were great for us.  I called the Ryland Warranty department, and Tanya Sherlock looked up our contractor and gave us their number; very easy.  (Our house was a Section 3, built Q3/4 1996)
  • Siding--If you have a question about your siding, try McVay Construction at 812-876-8950. (10/22/02)
  • Screen Door for Sliding Glass Door--Try Lowe's in Avon.  Take dimensions.
  • Water Quality--How have you dealt with poor quality of the water? JW-We had a problem with the scaling of the hard water.  It clogged up our dishwasher.  We installed a Kinetico water softener and have been extremely happy with the results.  There is also now a retail outlet near Shiloh Crossing in Avon.
  • Air Ducts loose--Several neighbors with basements have noticed that occasionally the air ducts were not properly fitted.  TG-He suggests purchasing reflective foil tape made for aluminum pipes and wrapping all of the joints to make sure there is no air loss.  This will keep HVAC system working efficiently.
  • Drain Clogged in Basement--If you have a basement there may be a problem with the drain clogging.  TG suggests taking a putty knife and scraping off the excess concrete and duct tape residue that is usually covering the wholes.  If the pipe becomes clogged, you may have to remove particles from the sump pump as well.
  • Water Heater Died--On 12/7/2001, MB wrote: After 5 years of use, I have already had to replace my electric water heater.  The cause appears to be scales and hard water deposits accumulating in the bottom of my water heater and covering the lower element.  I would suggest all home owners be sure to flush their water heaters (electric or gas) at least once a year if not twice.  Be sure to turn the heater off and try to use as much of the remaining hot water as you can before flushing the unit, wouldn't want anyone to get scorched.
  • Air Conditioner Coil- On 12/14/2001, CC wrote:
    I know of at least 10 homes that have had to replace their air conditioning condenser.  This is a $650.00 cost.  Airtron has replaced most of the condensers in the neighborhood.  Airtron also stated that the problem was a design flaw in where the condensers' were located.  There is only a one year warranty on the air conditioning condenser.  Average lifespan has been 4-5 years for most of the homeowners who found themselves in the same boat as Greg and I.  After having several a/c people out to the house, we concluded that Airtron was the most upfront and honest of them all. 
    This is an issue people need to be aware of to budget for.
  • Sump Pump Check Valve--On 12/14/2001, CC wrote:
    Also, we have three sump pumps in our basement.  Fortunately, we caught our problem in time.  The plastic check valves on the sump pumps usually go out in 18-24 months.  This has also already happened to several homes.  Highly recommend to change these valves ever 12-18 months -- even if they are working properly.  They only cost about $7.00 each and they are easy to replace yourself.  Very cheap basement insurance.  You can find the valves at Palmby's here in town or at Menards, etc.  The way to know if your valve is bad is after the sump pump runs and then shuts off you will hear a rushing of water back into the sump pit.
  • Mail Box Posts--The supplier for mail box posts is Caporale Posts, Greenwood, IN.  Their phone number is (317) 535-4635. Click on name above to go directly to their website.
  • Siding Paint Colors--Check with your local Sherwin Williams store.  They have a book with the formulas in it--just bring the Ryland color name.

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